Sizing Guides

Each mask is individually made and therefore may vary by 0.5cm either side. The colours of the actual mask may be slightly different from the ones you see in these pictures due to lighting.

Not sure which size to go for? Here is a recommendation, however please remember all face shapes vary from age-to-age depending on the build of the child/adult so do please take that into consideration!

Kids Size
Our kids sizes should fit those from 3 to 12 years old. W=90mm+, Diameter=125mm+

This size would fit most women with small to average-sized faces. W=110mm+, Diameter=125mm+

This should fit women who want maximum coverage and most men. W=115mm+, Diameter=135mm+


This should fit men who want maximum coverage. W=115mm+, Diameter=145mm+

Take note that Kids and Large size is available for selected designs only.