Little Sarong - About Us

About Us

Little Sarong is the joint project of Betty and Jeanne whose shared love for food and workouts spilled over to designer face masks. Their critical eye for the ultimate mask - one that is stunning, yet protective, light and breathable - led them to create Little Sarong with the help of Fred, an award-winning designer, and his wife Karen, the founder of Malaysia Women Marathon. Little Sarong brings together Fred and Karen's creative mask designs, Betty's business savvy and Jeanne's passion for discovery.

As Betty and Jeanne are avid divers (Betty's a certified eco diver) and lovers of the ocean, 10% of Little Sarong's proceeds will go to Reef Check, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical coral reefs and temperate kelp forests.

Together, we endeavour to produce reusable masks that are ecological and sustainable. 

Jeanne & Betty
Karen & Fred